Bench grinding machine B - 175.03

ImageThe bench grinding machine B-175 serves for universal grinding of smaller objects, tools and instruments, e.g. turning tools - lathe tools, drills, hand tools, etc., including tools with SK edges.
The bench grinding machine is supplied as a single-turn machine with 2840 revs per minute (peripheral velocity of the grinding wheel 26 m/s) or double-turn with 1400/2800 revs per minute (peripheral velocity of the grinding wheel 13/26 m/s). The grinding wheel covers can be fitted with hoses for dust extraction.



Technical data: B - 175 - 03
valid for: two-turnings grinding machine
rated voltage 3 x 380 V
rated current 1,6/1,8 A
rated input 550/750 W
rated speed 1400/2840 1/min
nominal frequency 50 Hz
loading time 45 min (S2 45 min)
grinding wheels 175x20x20 mm
weight (mass) 17,0 kg


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