Axial-flow Fan ELKO CLIMA



Axial-flow fans suitable for direct ventilation through a wall or for short air conductors, with a low loss of pressure. They are fully interchangeable with the former type series VHV-INO.


-ECT 140 (702008) basic, no attached switch  (switch built into the wall)
-ECT 140 S (701001) with pull cord
-ECT 140 E with timer switch, adjustable for up  to 60 min. (timer switch DIP)





Flow diagram of ventilator fan Elko Clima

Elko Clima "Trilobit"




for installation in a normal enviroment
(ČSN 332000-3)
-WC and bathrooms
-kitchens and larder
-large rooms (e.g. salesrooms, sports halls,  dance halls, waiting rooms, industrial objects,  etc.)


restricted areas of use according to directive MZ CR 13/1997 "Health protection and the unfavourable effect of noise and vibration".
Approval and certification: ELECTRONIC TESTING INSTITUTE in Praque.

Technical specification:

Material, composition, design:

All-plastic finish in ABS Forsan and Taboren
Motor-assynchronous with short circuit armature and pole shading
- anti-overload capacity (overheating) is   protected by a two-way thermal fuse
- slide bearing

Terminal block:
accessible after dismantling outer plastic protective grate

Accessories, attachments
Suction grid
Exterior cover with ventilation flap
Metal shrunk ring

Technical data:

Value Rated
voltage 230 V
max current 0,15 A
rated frequency 50 Hz
input 25W
rated speed 2 800/min-
level of acoustical compresion LAeq 48,5 dB (A)
level of acoustical output LWA max. 57 dB
axial flow fans coverage IP 44
piping diameter 140 mm
max environment temperature 40oC
mass of basic type (inclusive shrink ring) 1,7 kg
flow viz obrázek


Use in buildings

Preparations: 230 V electric current lead under lime plaster, or cable along lime plaster
Building-in: Installation possible in both vertical and horizontal position in walls, partitions and ceiling

to ventilating air-pipe
air hose
open-air outlet

wall switch, pull cord
Operation and maintenance: 20 000 operating hours, ensure the free movement of the over-pressure flap valve - control approx. once a year



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